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Willow - Lace Weeping
Location Height Width Flowers Fruit
Zone 3
Sun 40' 30' N/A N/A
Information: A fast growing weeping willow. Orignated in China. The leaves are long and change to yellow in the fall while the bark is a red-brown color. Due to the large size of this willow, please plan accordingly when planting. This tree grows best in full sun.
Fertilize: When planting, a liquid transplant fertilizer may be applied. These trees are relatively low maintenance so they do not require fertilizer after they are established. If desired or soil conditions are poor, a slow release fertilizer may be applied in spring. For more fertilizer options, please visit the Fertilizer page.
Pruning: With a young tree, a central leader should be established. One an older tree, the branches should be pruned so that they do not touch the ground. This will allow mowing under the tree and prevent rotting. Any suckers, dead or broken branches should be removed.