January Garden Chores
  • Get a jump on spring and place your spring basket order now. Contact us at carmen@country-gardens.ca to recieve forms and more information
  • Looking for baskets and planters personalized to your space. You choose the colors and the plants, we plant it and care for it until May Long Weekend.
  • Sign up for the Garden Newsletter that comes out every month. In the issues, we discuss how various methods of gardening, DIY projects, healthy recipes and so much more. Email carmen@country-gardens.ca to sign up.
February Garden Chores
  • West Coast seed catalog arrives, call for yours today.
  • Organize your seeds by planting date.
  • Design Vegetable Gardens to include some New Varieties of Vegetables and Flowers that attract beneficial insects.
  • West Coast Seeds Planting Guide
  • Inspect Tubers, Roots and Corms that were stored over winter for signs of mold and soft spots.
  • Check for "New Varieties" of Trees, Shrubs and Perennials for zone 3 planting.
  • Order your Trees, Shrubs and Perennials quantities larger than 10 by Feb 20.
  • Sharpen all Shovels and Pruners
  • February and March are great months to prune trees, you can see the structure of the tree. Remember to only prune 1/3 of the total tree a year. As you are pruning take a step back and observe the over all look of the tree.
March Garden Chores
  • Ensure all seed orders are placed.
  • Design your vegetable garden to take advantage of natually beneficial companion plants. www.westcoastseeds.com/articles-instructions/organic-growing/companion-planting/
  • Start frost tolerant perennials indoors.
  • Pot up and, increase watering, eunsure proper lighting and start feeding houseplants.
  • Order your hanging tomato and floral baskets from Country Gardens and Greenhouse.
  • Contact (403)704-4145 or carmen@country-gardens.ca to place orders.


April Garden Chores
  • Open for the Season
  • Start tender vegetables and flowers indoors 4-6 weeks before last spring frost date - according to plantmaps.com our last frost date is May21-31. Note-marigolds attract beneficial insects
  • Bring your planters to Country Gardens & Greenhouse to have custom designed and potted.
  • Check out our spring Gardening Classes today and sign up.
  • Gardening is a great way to exercise, reduce stress, maintain joint flexibility and add to your qualtiy of life.


May Garden Chores
  • After danger of last frost, come to Country Gardens and Greenhouse to fill your containers with annuals and pick up your custom baskets.
  • Plant vegetables outdoors after the soil is warm and can easily be tilled. Mix in decomposed fertilizer and till well.
  • Cut back perennials as they start to come out of dormancy and divide any fall flowering perennials. 
  • Uncover any roses or tender perennials.
  • Mix slow release fertilizer into the soil around perennials, roses and shrubs.
  • Pick up custom ordered baskets at the greenhouse. 
June Garden Chores
  • Plant annual bedding plants outside. Add a slow release fertilizer to maximize blooming time. 
  • Develop a regular fertilizer schedule for hanging baskets and containers. 
  • This is a great time to start examining your landscape for expansion opportunities. 
  • Check our Plant Directory to see new perennials, shrubs and trees available as well as old favorites. 
July Garden Chores
  • Weed, weed and more weeding. Managing the weeds when they are small makes the overall task a lot more bareable. Topping up mulch on all beds can help to minimize the weeding. 
  • Dead heading and pruning annuals and perennials can help to control leggy stems and great a more appealing overall shape.
  • Regular checks for pests can help to identify a problem before it gets out of control. 
  • Any newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered regularly to establish a strong root system. 
  • Pruning dead, damaged and diseased limbs can help to make lighten the work load in the fall. 
  • Regularly harvest any herbs as needed to keep them from blooming and going to seed. 
  • House plants can safely be put outside in a sheltered location. Washing them off at this time is also a good idea. 
August Chores
  • Contiune your regular fertilizing schedule throughout this month to maintain the flowering annuals.
  • As perennials finish flowering, cut back dead flowers to encourage reblooming. 
  • Be sure to take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the garden that you have built! 
September Garden Chores
  • Divide any spring flowering perennials. 
  • Start to cut back on watering established trees and shrubs and do not fertilize them. This also them to naturally prepare for the coming winter months. 
  • Start to pull and perserve vegetables out of the garden and prep the garden for next year. Adding well composted manure is a great way to do this. 
  • Spring blooming bulbs can start to be planted. This is a great way to add early spring color to your yard!
  • Make one last trip for the season to Country Gardens and Greenhouse  to see the fanastic End of the Season Sale.
October Garden Chores
  • All irrigation should be shut off and blown out by October 1st.
  • All trees and shrubs should be watered in well after killing frost. 
  • Lawn should be mowed for the last time and winter fertilizer may be added. 
  • Halloween is almost here! Time to carve the pumpkins and create festive fall baskets. This can be done by leaving the tall annual grass in your pots and pulling all the old annuals out. Now get creative and use squash or decorations to give your house a new festive look.
  • Raking leaves can be a lot of fun and not seem so daunting with friends and family. 
  • Cutting back perennials can make your yard neater and easier to handle come spring.
November Garden Chores
  •  Check Country Gardens and Greenhouse's Events page for upcoming Holiday classes, including table centerpieces and fresh wreath making.
  • Enjoy the vegetables that you have stored and processed throughout the winter season.
December Garden Chores
  •  Stop by at Christmas Craft Fairs for unique ideas on how to decorate your home for the holiday season.
  • Be sure to spend time with family building snowmen in the yard you have built.